SIMIS Seminar on Field Theory and String Theory: From massive higher spins to Kerr black holes

Speaker: Alexander Ochirov (SPST, ShanghaiTech University)

Abstract: I will review some recent developments in massive higher-spin theory, namely, Zinoviev’s massive gauge symmetry and the new chiral-field approach. I will discuss the applications of massive higher-spin scattering amplitudes to classical gravitational dynamics of rotating black holes, in particular, the so-called gravitational Compton amplitude.

Time: 16:00 ~ 17:00, Tue., May 14, 2024

Location: Floor 6, Innovation Center Building 3, Weicheng Road 62, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

Zoom Meeting No.: 423 317 8953
Password: SIMIS

Organizer: Sen Hu, Andrey Losev, Bong Lian, Wen-Jie Ma, Hao Zou

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