SIMIS-TSIMF Interdisciplinary Series: Thermodynamics of Complexity – Free Energy Approach

动⼒系统、临界性、随机过程; 3)信息论、编码理论。研讨会将⾸先回顾 Jarzynski,Crooke,
Seifert 等研究的⾮平衡态热⼒学⾥熵与⾃由能的基本概念、Shannon 信息论信源信道编码和
Bialek 的信息瓶颈原理、计算神经科学领域提炼出的⻉叶斯预测编码、主动推理和 Friston 的⼤脑

SIMIS-TSIMF INTERDISCIPLINARY SERIES: International Workshop on Logic, Cognition, and Philosophy of Mathematics

This workshop will bring together experts in logic, philosophy, mathematics, and cognitive sciences to discuss pioneering topics at the intersections of their fields. Key areas of focus will include the exploration of Kripke and topological semantics in modal logic, the examination of neighborhood semantics, and the integration of logic with game theory and graph theory. Participants will look into the implications of these topics for cognitive science, fostering a collaborative environment for advancing interdisciplinary research.

The 2023 Annual of International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (ICCM2023)

The 2023 Annual International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians was held in Shanghai on January 2-5, 2024. Jointly with Fudan University, the newly founded Shanghai Institute for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences (SIMIS) was co-host of this major event as its inaugural conference. The ICCM is an annual conference that brings together Chinese and overseas mathematicians to discuss current significant developments and explore future directions in both pure and applied mathematics. There were about 500 participants at the 2023 ICCM. On the opening day of the conference on January 2, several ICCM Awards were announced. Distinguished Lectures, Plenary Lectures, Invited Lectures and many other academic events took place the following days on the Fudan University campus.

500+ Participants
200+ Lectures
5+ Events

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