SIMIS Seminar on Geometric Analysis and PDEs: Some long time existence and convergence results on hypersymplectic flow

Speaker: Yao Chengjian (ShanghaiTech University)

Abstract: Hypersymplectic structure on a 4-manifold is a triple of symplectic forms such that any nontrivial linear combination of them is symplectic. The hypersymplectic flow is a natural geometric flow designed with the goal of deforming one given hypersymplectic structure in its cohomology class to a hyperKahler structure. This flow also has close relation with Bryant’s G_2 Laplacian flow on 7-manifold. In this talk, we will present some long time existence and convergence results about the flow, and in particular one recent convergence result on 4-torus proved together with Joel Fine and Weiyong He.

Time: 15:00-16:00, Fri., May 31, 2024

Location: Floor 6, Innovation Center Building 3, Weicheng Road 62, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

Zoom Meeting No.: 423 317 8953
Password: SIMIS

Organizer: Yi Li, Hao Xu

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