SIMIS Seminar on Field Theory and String Theory: Partial entanglement network and geometry reconstruction in AdS/CFT

Speaker: Qiang Wen (YAUC, Southeast University)

Abstract: We give a scheme to geometrize the partial entanglement entropy (PEE) in AdS/CFT on a time slice in generic dimensions. More explicitly, the two point PEE is represented by bulk geodesics, which we call the PEE threads. The density of the PEE threads is determined by the physical requirement of PEE. The PEE threads forms a network in the bulk. We show that, for any region A in holographic CFT, the homologous surface in the bulk with the minimal flux of PEE threads passing through it is exactly the RT surface. Furthermore, any line segment or area elements in the bulk can be interpreted as the PEE threads passing through them. This gives a generic scheme to reconstruct bulk geometric quantities using the PEE. More interestingly, the network of the PEE threads plays a role as a tensor network, which has a well-defined continue limit. It will be interesting to use the PEE network to build tensor network models for quantum gravity.

Time: 16:00 ~ 17:00, Mon., May 20, 2024

Location: Floor 6, Innovation Center Building 3, Weicheng Road 62, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

Zoom Meeting No.: 423 317 8953
Password: SIMIS

Organizer: Sen Hu, Andrey Losev, Bong Lian, Wen-Jie Ma, Hao Zou


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