SIMIS Seminar on Field Theory and String Theory: Defect Two-point Functions in 6d (2,0) Theories

Speaker: Xinan Zhou (Kavli ITS, UCAS & ShanghaiTech University)

Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss correlation functions in 6d (2, 0) theories of two 1/2-BPS operators inserted away from a 1/2-BPS surface defect. In the large central charge limit the leading connected contribution corresponds to sums of tree-level Witten diagram in AdS7×S4 in the presence of an AdS3 defect. I will show that these correlators can be uniquely determined by imposing only superconformal symmetry and consistency conditions, eschewing the details of the complicated effective Lagrangian. I will present the explicit result of all such two-point functions, which exhibits remarkable hidden simplicity.

Time: 14:00~15:00, Tue., Mar. 12, 2024

Location: Floor 6, Innovation Center Building 3, Weicheng Road 62, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

Zoom Meeting No.: 895 7254 9078
Password: 765576

Organizer: Sen Hu, Andrey Losev, Bong Lian, Wen-Jie Ma, Hao Zou


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