Yuan Xin

Assistant professor

Research Fields: Theoretical Physics
Office No.:


Yuan obtained Ph. D. degree at Boston University with Liam Fitzpatrick. After that he worked at Yale University and Carnegie Mellon University as postdoctoral fellow. Yuan’s research focuses on novel non-perturbative methods in quantum field theory and quantum many-body physics and applications in understanding phenomena such as criticality, symmetry breaking/emergence, and confinement. Recently his work involves using bootstrap, Hamiltonian truncation, and DMRG to study low dimension quantum systems.

Education Experience

  • 2011-2015 Nanjing University Physics Bachelor
  • 2015-2020 Boston University Physics Doctor

Work Experience

  • 2020-2023 Yale University Postdoc
  • 2023- Carnegie Mellon University Postdoc

Honors and Awards


  1. Lightcone Hamiltonian for Ising Field Theory I: T < Tc, with A. Liam Fitzpatrick, Emanuel Katz. arXiv:2311.16290
  2. Bootstrapping the gap in quantum spin systems, with Colin Nancarrow, JHEP 08 (2023) 052. arXiv:2211.03819
  3. Bootstrapping Nf=4 conformal QED3, with Soner Albayrak, Rajeev S. Erramilli, Zhijin Li, David Poland Published in: Phys.Rev.D 105 (2022) 8, 8. arXiv:2112.02106
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