Pengcheng Wan


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Research Fields: Theoretical Physics
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Pengcheng Wan is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at Shanghai Institute for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences (SIMIS). He obtained his Ph.D in atomic and molecular physics at East China Normal University in 2022.

Doctor Wan’s current research interests mainly foucs on toroidal electromagnetic calculation and conformal transformation. He aims to efficiently calculate the electromagnetic scattering of arbitrary-shaped metal surfaces by combining global basis functions and computational conformal geometry methods, providing more efficient computational methods for applications.

Education Experience

2016-2022    East China Normal University    Atomic and Molecular Physics    Doctor

Work Experience

2024-            SIMIS    Postdoc

Honors and Awards

  1. The Nengda Scholarship, ECNU, 2021.
  2. Graduate Student Academic Scholarship, ECNU, 2015-2020.
  3. Excellent Source Scholarship for Recommended Students, ECNU, 2015.


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  2. Zhao Ruihuang,Wan Pengcheng, Zhou Ling, et al. Electron metasurfaces in graphene [J]. Physical Review B, 2023, 103(8): 085431. (JCR 2区, IF:3.908)
  3. Ren Yinghui, Wan Pengcheng W , Zhou Ling, et al. Zero-index metamaterials for Dirac fermion in graphene[J]. Physical Review B, 2021, 103(8): 085431. (JCR 2区, IF: 3.908)
  4. Huang Di, Wan Pengcheng, Zhou Ling, et al. Optical trapping core formation and general trapping mechanism in single-beam optical tweezers [J]. New Journal of Physics, 2022, 24(4):043043 (JCR 2区, IF:3.716)
  5. Ren Yinghui, Gao Yichun, Wan Pengcheng, et al. Effective medium theory for electron waves in a gate-defined quantum dot array in graphene [J]. Physical Review B, 2019,100(4):045422. (JCR 2区, IF: 3.908)
  6. Cao Xiyuan, Wang Qianjing, Wan Pengcheng, et al. Electric symmetric dipole modes enabling retroreflection from an array consisting of homogeneous isotropic linear dielectric rods [J]. Advanced Optical Materials, 2020, 8(17):2000452. (JCR 1区, IF:10.050)
  7. Wang Qianjing, Zhou Ling, Wan Pengcheng W , et al. Retroreflection from a single layer of electromagnetic Helmholtz cavities based on magnetic symmetric dipole modes [J]. Optics Express O , 2020, 28(21): 30606-30615. (JCR 1区, IF:3.833)
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